Znanstveni članak našeg polaznika Marka Tokića: “An Encounter between Philosophy and Modern Psychotherapy”

Marko Tokić University of Zagreb,

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, HR–10000 Zagreb

An Encounter between Philosophy and Modern Psychotherapy


The article attempts to uncover a forgotten perspective on healing the human soul – one that does not fall under the history of medicine but rather the history of philosophy, thus emphasising the connection between philosophy and modern psychotherapy. This necessitates an examination of the relationship between modern psychotherapy and modern psychology/ psychiatry. It follows that psychotherapy is not significantly defined by knowledge particular to either psychology or psychiatry, even though psychotherapy does encompass procedures grounded in the scientific and theoretical bases of psychology. In conclusion, it is proven that it is not knowledge in the modern sense that acts as a determinant for psychotherapy, but rather a kind of compassion that is characteristic of the philosopher.


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Marko Tokić – An Encounter between Philosophy and Modern Psychotherapy

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Marko Tokić – Susret filozofije i moderne psihoterapije