Dipl.-Psych. Almut Ladisich-Raine, licensed psychotherapist, born 06. 08. 1944 I learned Gestalt Therapy from the early pass-finders in California, Jim Simkin , Erv and Miriam Polster and Edwin Nevis among others. After working with psychiatric and addicted persons I opened my private practice and have worked as a Gestalt trainer with the IGW and other institutions and universities since 1978. I have conducted regular workshops in Croatia since 1996. My specialty is the use of creative media in Gestalt therapy. I have published several articles, among which is: Gestalt Therapy in Germany, in ‘Gestalttherapy around the World’, published by Eleanor O’Leary in 2013. I am a mother of two and have 4 grand-children

Brigitte Rasmus Psychologist, licenced psychotherapist, supervisor and Gestalt Therapy trainer in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Italy and China. Since 2008 lecturer for Gestalt Therapy at Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna (SFU). 1971-1976 Intensive Gestalt training with the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Los Angeles (GTILA) – Bob Resnick, Janet Rainwater, Bob Martin-, Jim Simkin, Erv + Mirjam Poster. Further training in different Body Therapies, Hypnotherapy, Systemic Family Therapy and Voice Dialogue, Supervison and Organisational Development and Positioning Work with organizations. Co-Founder of IGW (1976) and IGWien (1995) I work in private practice in Munich/Germany as psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer.

John Waterston is an accredited UK Psychotherapist and has been in private practice for 25 years. He lives and works in Suffolk, UK. He has a varied background spanning professional property development, working in psychiatric hospitals and community services, teaching and supervising psychotherapists and counsellors and clinical work with individuals, couples and groups. He works from an integrative perspective, having studied both humanistic and psychoanalytic modalities and is interested in the possibilities of psychotherapy to generate community development and less injurious ways of living.

Sabine Engelmann  poslovno iskustvo stjecala je kao in-house trener i konzultant za Daimler-Chrysler. Od 1999. godine je freelance facilitator, konzultant i coach za neprofitne i profitne organizacije. Sabine je certificirani Gestalt psihoterapeut i coach, te posjeduje magisterij fakulteta za humanističke znanosti u Munchenu.

  • Christian Bachl
  • Dorothea Weinberg
  • Martina Morooney
  • Marielouise Mitterer – Gehrke
  • Modeste Moonnich

Treneri, voditelji edukacije:

  • Ana Čović
  • Irena Bezić
  • Jadran Morović
  • Luka Marinović
  • Mijo Marić
  • Sandra Čanić
  • Velimir Dugandžić

Vanjski treneri u kurikulumu:

  • Almut Rain
  • Besima Čatić
  • Brigitte Rasmus
  • Christian Bachl
  • Despina Bailou
  • Dorothea Weinberg
  • John Waterson
  • Lidija Popčeva
  • Ljiljana Bastaić
  • Matko Petrić
  • Martina Morooney
  • Marielouise Gehrke
  • Modeste Munch
  • Peter Schulthess
  • Sabine Engelmann
  • Snežana  Andreeva
  • Zdenka Pantić
  • Vedrana Kurjan Manestar
  • Werner Gill

Vanjski treneri van kurikuluma:

  • Janice Roosevelt Gerard
  • Michelle Seely
  • Sergej Kondurov
  • Tom Warnecke
  • Ursula Grillmeier