INTIMATELY ALIEN- uncanny atmospheres in field oriented psychotherapy by Miek van Dongen

Zadovoljstvo nam je najaviti CPD radionicu iz gestalt terapije koja će se, u organizaciji Centra IGW Zagreb, održati od 28 do 30. 6. 2024. u Zagrebu.
Nazir radionice: “INTIMATELY ALIEN- uncanny atmospheres in field oriented psychotherapy”. Radionicu će voditi gestalt terapeutkinja i supervizorica iz Nizozemske Miek Van Dongen.
Miek je ovako opisala radionicu: “Our sense of self is grounded in how we feel at home in the world, with ourselves, and in our bodies. This feeling of being at home is usually taken for granted. But upon closer look, we can discover there is an alienness to ourselves. There is an unfamiliarity within the familiar. This is a disruptive experience. It can be en- countered in subtle ways through the uncom-fortable atmospheres we often find ourselves in. Also in devastating ways, as a result of (inter- generational) trauma, loss, and personal, social, and environmental transitions. It is brought to us by our clients in the shape of existential and sometimes severe psychopathological suffering. In this workshop, we explore how to work with our attunement to atmospheres – especially those involving a disrupted ground. We will learn when, and how, to attend to the back- ground of experience, instead of focusing too much on what’s in the foreground. We will see how the most uncomfortable experiences in psychotherapy can bring great fear, but also ex- istential beauty and wonder.”

Radionica je namijenjena Gestalt psihoterapeutima i savjetodavnim terapeutima, polaznicima treće i četvrte godine Gestalt edukacije, apsolventima Gestalt edukacije i terapeutima drugih modaliteta.

Broj sudionika: do 22
Cijena radionice: 200 € + PDV = 250 €

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Miek van Dongen (1970) works as a gestalt therapist in private practice in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Miek was a practicing artist before training to become a licensed gestalt therapist and an integrative psychotherapist. She continued her studies in gestalt therapy and phenomenology at several international training institutes, such as the Istituto di Gestalt in Italy, IpsiG, Relational Change and with Dan Bloom.
In addition to working with clients, she’s currently involved in developing workshops, seminars and writings in which she combines gestalt therapy, phenomenology, and art.